Jewish Folklore , What is Heaven like?

One day a Rabbi asked God, “What is Heaven and Hell like?”. God replied, “Come, I’ll show you.” He took the Rabbi into a very large room and told him it was hell. In the centre of the room was a large pot with a beautiful smelling stew, but around the walls of the room sat a lot of people starving and lean. They held in there hands very long spoons with which they were able to reach out a gather some stew. But because the spoons were so long they could not reach the stew to eat it. The Rabbi said, “I understand why this is hell, these people are miserable because they cannot reach the food, but what is Heaven like?” God took the rabbi into another room. It was a very similar room it had a pot of delicious stew in the centre and people sat around it with long spoons. These people however looked joyful and prosperous. The Rabbi watched as the people around the room took turns at using their long spoons to feed each other instead of themselves.

This was my music theory teacher’s answer when someone asked why we had a group assignment to do so not sure if I told it right but I love the story all the same.


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