A ca-cuse me?

Ever since my friend Booklovers1 made me watch Pitch Perfect, I’ve become a little obsessed with A Cappella. Literally translated A Cappella is an Italian term meaning “in the manner of the Church”, but essentially means it is group or solo singing without instrumental backup. This has lead to people being insanely creative with their voices to make new sounds. For example many modern day A Cappella groups include a vocal percussionist, someone who makes almost beat boxing type sounds to create rhythmic interest. Others like to imitate sounds of instruments such as trumpets and drums, opening up a whole lot of possibilities.
My three favourite A Cappella groups at the moment are;

  • The Idea of North
  • Pentatonix
  • VoicePlay

The above video is a sing off between VoicePlay and the country A Cappella group Home Free, while dressed as Zombies and Hillbillies respectively. This video highlights that in the wacky world of A Cappella you’ll never hear, or see, anything so unique.


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