AUEE-Recording Update 1, stumbling block

Today I spent a long day with my two singers, working on getting the melody right then recording the first verse and harmony. After they left I attempted to record my dad playing his bass ukulele (sounds like a double bass but it’s portable), unfortunately couldn’t get that to work. I sent the wrong music to my pianist, sorry booklovers1!! Then recorded my two sax tracks. I left to go home and eat dinner, came back and the computer had completely wiped all my newly created files. I lost hours of my work and have to start the recording from scratch. Scary as Eurovision isn’t accepting suggestions after the 31st of January. Even more scary that I found someone who knows what they’re doing and agreed to mix the final track but I need to get it to them on Monday evening.
The other main issue is that I have know idea how to mix drum and electronic sounds into it, I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials etc. and mucking around with it but so far things aren’t good….
On the plus side my singers sound amazing even though I made the vocal line quite complex, my dad can play the bass line and my sax parts sounded pretty cool.
Massive learning curve!!

At this stage this project of ours could go either way, but I’m spending all my time on it and I’m praying for the best 🙂


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