AUEE-Lyric update 5 bridge

Ok so no we have a chorus, verse and bridge!! All we need lyrics wise now is two more verses… to be totally honest stressing a little over lyrics, their not really my forte. I’m going to attempt to write the next two but am praying for a lyric miracle. Here is what we have so far:


Partners in crime, thick as thieves,
can I trust you in time?
Or will you deceive?
I suppose it doesn’t matter, I can’t do this alone.
We will be a team until this heist is done and gone


100 carat stone, it’s crystal clear
Cut to shine brighter than the moon
Colour of the stars, it’s ours to take
This flawless paragon will be our reward


Picking locks, bribing guards,
cracking safes, hacking logs
Jumping lasers, grappling hooks
swapping fakes, lying crooks


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