AUEE-Lyric update 4 verse + chorus

I sat down this morning and wrote what I think will be the chorus so what we wrote last time will be the first verse. Some things to know first, after my research into diamonds I found there are four c’s when talking about diamonds. clarity, colour, cut and carat. I also found that a flawless diamond is called a paragon and is 100 carats. This will explain the chorus. So the song will now go;


Partners in crime, thick as thieves,
can I trust you in time?
I suppose it doesn’t matter, I can’t do this alone.
We will be a team until this heist is done and gone
(will possibly add more words to this)


100 carat stone, it’s crystal clear
Cut to shine brighter than the moon
Colour of the stars, it’s ours to take
This flawless paragon will be our reward

Have you got any ideas to add to this? Please do!! I found I’m not to good with lyrics to contribute away!!
Have no idea what this post is referring to? Check out this post



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